30 day full body workout plans for beginners

30 day full body workout plans for beginners

30 day full body workout plans for beginners: Whether you are starting, or left behind your workout for a long time, consider yourself a beginner. Need a fresh start. But how? It can a big question roaming around your head. When we start things off, you face this situation, and for beginners, a proper plan is required. However, if you had a start before, you might know some guidelines to apply for a new beginning. Let us keep all these sides apart and start the real topic, “Workout plans for beginners”. 

You have to consider certain things and plan for when you are up for starting a workout. Finding the proper workout routine is tough, but some research can be done and follow a proper guideline. To progress, you need to find a workout that entreaties you and is practically based on your abilities. In today’s article, I will share some tips and a beginner’s plan for you. It will give you a starting boost, then you will understand what should be better for your own goal. 

Basic 5 Tips for getting started your workout:

  1. The first thing to start as a fresher, or for those who are restarting, is to know your limits. Because, unless you know your own condition right now, you might hurt yourself, and the destination will again move far away from you. Learn about the user manuals and exact techniques first, then go harder. While using the weights and other equipment, make yourself comfortable first with them to control. Correct posture and definite forms are also crucial to prevent injury while exercising
  2. Set you’re your goals, but target to reach that slowly. You are not going to be Arnold overnight. Sensible fitness goals another key to go for long time sustainability. Start slow and set convincing marks for yourself. Doing that will not end up in a frustrating situation if you don’t see instant results. Keep patience. Good things come slowly and stay for long. 
  3. Always try to be regular with your exercise plans. Research has shown that staying physically active can improve your health, mood, and overall well-being. So, slowly but steadily, you will reach your destination. Be self-motivated; no one’s going to do it for you. 
  4. Don’t ever try to cross your limits by watching others or being provoked by others. If you can adopt and perform then and only then for new things. Never think about what others can do. Make yourself do better with the flow of time. You might be surrounded by pro-level athletes if you are beginning at the gym, but trust me, no one has time to see what you are doing. They will stay with their own plans. So, copy that, not the intense workout plans at the beginning. 
  5. Set up a convenient routine by consulting with experts at the beginning. Do it for a couple of weeks, and then turn on the heat. Change your items and plans according to your strength and needs. But never overlook warming up seasons. Stretching and mild workouts at the starting will keep you safe from muscle cramps and other injuries

30 day full body workout plans for beginners

The bellow plan is not only for those who are getting started with their workout, even they have never touched weight before; it will also help those who left their training for a long time. So, enough rest, let us get to work, guys. 

30 day full body workout plans for beginners

You can take these workouts into consideration if you are not getting a proper guideline or routine. 

  • Warm-up: 5 minutes at least
  • Cardio: 5-10 minutes

Day: 1 Full-body workout

  • Core: Regular Plank. No time limits; try to do it first. 
  • Chest: Push-ups 10-15 reps/ lightweight bench press
  • Back: pull-ups/ Seated cable row
  • Shoulders: Seated military press/ bodyweight Dip
  • Legs: Free squats 2-3 sets according to your tolerance/10-15 reps
  • Triceps: Triceps Dip/ bench Dip 
  • Biceps: Standing dumbbell curl/ barbell curl
  • Cooldown: 5–10 minutes, and if possible, do some stretching.

NB: Do one set for each item and if you can effort do the second one. 

Day 2: Active rest day

Day 3: Full-body workout

  • Warm-up: 5 minutes
  • Cardio: 5-10 minutes (Try to increase timing from the day before)
  • Core: Plank/ Lying Leg raise
  • Back: Pull-ups/ Lat pull down (Minimum two sets) 
  • Chest: Push-ups/ Incline bench press 10-15 reps with lightweight (Minimum two sets)
  • Shoulders: Dumbbell front press with bar 10-15 reps with lightweight (Minimum two sets)
  • Legs: Walking lunges
  • Biceps: Single biceps cable curls 10-15 reps with lightweight (Minimum two sets)
  • Triceps: Dumbbell triceps extension 10-15 reps with lightweight (Minimum two sets)
  • Cooldown: 5–10 minutes, and if possible, do some stretching.

NB: For the second day, try to increase your reps with the same weight and try to do 2 sets at least. 

Day 4: Active rest day

Day 5: Full-body workout

  • Warm-up: 5 minutes
  • Cardio: 5-10 minutes (Try to increase timing from the day before)
  • Core: Plank/ laying crunches. 2 sets minimum and according to your tolerance reps.
  • Legs: Alternating step-up
  • Chest: Dumbbell fly (2/3 sets at least and 10-15 reps each) 
  • Shoulders: Shoulder shrug with dumbbells or resistance bands (2/3 sets at least and 10-15 reps each)
  • Back: Seated lat pull-down. (2/3 sets at least and 10-15 reps each)
  • Triceps: Standing one-arm cable extension (2/3 sets at least and 10-15 reps each)
  • Biceps: Seated hammer curl (2/3 sets at least and 10-15 reps each)
  • Cooldown: 5–10 minutes, and if possible, do some stretching.

NB: to strengthen your muscles, it is necessary to increase reps and sets for today.

Day 6: Active rest day

Day 7: Rest day

This is the plan for your first week. In the second week, you can start working out for 4-5 days a week. On that point, you can shuffle these exercises with the rest days. 

Advanced program for beginners or restarting:

Now, if you are not a beginner, you are just starting it over again. On the other hand, if you are good enough strong to gain strength within a week, you might want some changes and advanced theories. Here are some tips.

Week 1: Starting with the warm-up season and some light cardio. Full-body touching, getting familiar and strengthen ourselves. 

Start with three days in a week, and among these three days, have active rest days to strengthen our muscles and get familiar with our plans. You will start things off by stretching and light cardio like cycling and a treadmill. 

After stretching, you are warmed up, now; to better your stamina go for cardio for at least 5-10 minutes. Doing this light cardio activity will boost your stamina and give you the speed to catch up on things faster. Take some rest for 5 minutes and start your full-body training split. It means you will hit all the foremost body parts in each workout.

As I mentioned earlier, only three days for this week, so just do one exercise per body part each day, but hit the whole body. Remember I said active rest day; it is essential to allow your body to recover. You can either choose Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. Friday can be a plus; if you want to go for it, then make it count. You can take post-workout recovery supplements for quick recovery.

Week 2: Starting with the warm-up season and some light cardio. It’s splitting time; let us split body parts into two sections a day for week 2: 

So one week is done, now you know how to do things and take rest to recover. For the second week, you will begin to train different body parts on different days. It means you will train two body parts every other day this week. You work out for a total of four days this week. You can adjust chest days with triceps, back days with biceps. Chest and shoulders together and leave a day for the core. Taking one day for rest, use the other two random days between your working days for active rest days. 

Week 3 & 4: Starting with the warm-up season and some light cardio. Charged up already, then let us make three parts split for this week. 

For the third week, step up to a three-day training split. Hit three parts in one day. Choose the push items for Day-1, like chest, shoulders, and triceps. Hit the pulling parts like back, biceps and abs on Day 2. For the third day, hit the legs only. Use six days of this week and take a day off at the end. Train each body part twice a week. Don’t push so hard. Follow the routine for the next week as well.

So, this can be a compact one-month advance program for beginners or those who are restarting things. Stick to this plan if you can take the load, or else you have the first option to go with. You can choose your own items or pick some from the plan given above. If you select the above items, you might have to collage items for the advance program. Never ever hit the same body parts the very next day if you are going for the advanced program because muscle groups need time to recover and gain. 

Final words:

You can follow these basic workout items for your new start. Remember one thing this is just a plan, it might not be suitable for you, and you may also need to change quickly after learning the process. Therefore, having a personal or professional trainer is necessary. Get their tips and make a routine according to your situation and demand. 

Stay fit, Stay well. Thanks for your time. 

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