Benefits of Drinking Chocolate Milk

6 Benefits of Drinking Chocolate Milk to Build a Better Body

There are countless benefits of drinking chocolate milk, but here are six specific reasons why you should drink it to help build a better body.

To build a better body we need to bear many things in mind and among them, food and nutrition have to be on top. Doing regular workouts is necessary, but maintaining food habits is a must. To build our body one of the most important meals is post workout meal. After starching the muscle, we have to offer them good recovery foods. While to-do that Milk can be a good source.

Benefits of Drinking Chocolate Milk

The Scientific Proven Benefits of Drinking Chocolate

Milk has been employed in sports nutrition research since the 1990s. Chocolate milk came into the spotlight in the early 2000s. Studies show it still promotes muscle protein production (growth). More research demonstrates that chocolate milk promotes athletic performance, cellular equilibrium, and hydration. That is why today we are going to discuss how we can build a better body with chocolate milk.

Most of the research on chocolate milk and athletic performance has been done in the field of cycling, where it has been shown to improve performance as well as endurance.

In one study by the National Research Council, cyclists who consumed chocolate milk had a greater increase in ventilation and oxygen uptake during a time trial than those who drank plain milk. The same study showed that consuming chocolate milk also increased plasma glucose and insulin concentrations. In another study, cyclists were able to ride longer and faster when they consumed chocolate milk compared to drinking plain old boring cow’s milk.

6 Benefits of Drinking Chocolate Milk to Build a Better Body

Benefits of Drinking Chocolate Milk

In recent years, chocolate milk has been gaining popularity as a post-workout drink. It’s no wonder why – chocolate milk is a great way to refuel and rebuild muscles after a tough workout.

Chocolate milk is a great source of protein, which is important for muscle growth and maintenance. It contains high levels of calcium, which is necessary for bone health. It has been shown to improve endurance and athletic performance. Fourth, chocolate milk is great for post-workout recovery.

Here are six benefits of drinking chocolate milk after a workout:

(1). One study showed that after strength training, subjects who drank a small amount of chocolate milk (0.25% fat) experienced a greater increase in muscle protein synthesis than those who drank plain old boring cow’s milk.

(2). Further studies show that consuming chocolate milk can help maintain cellular homeostasis and hydration which are important factors after exercise

(3). For athletes looking to build lean muscle mass or lose body fat, drinking a small amount of chocolate every day is not just an effective method, but it can be tasty too if you take it with milk! Have some chocolate milk and enjoy the summer.

(4). A cup of fat-free chocolate milk has 130 calories, 24 carbs, and 8 proteins. It also provides electrolytes and fluids to keep the body hydrated. The ingredients are what make it a superb recovery drink. So, this can be a great drink for post workout recovery.

(5). The fat-free chocolate milk has the addition of calcium and magnesium which help to keep the body hydrated. Also, a small amount of protein is added to the beverage which helps build lean muscle mass.

(6) Supplementation with chocolate milk is also effective for athletes, especially after strenuous exercise. It can help improve blood flow, muscle recovery, and increase endurance; all factors that contribute to athletic performance.

12 Ways to Add More Chocolate Into Your Diet

12 Ways to Add More Chocolate Into Your Diet

Chocolate has been a part of the human diet for thousands of years. But, it is only in the last few years that we have seen a spike in chocolate consumption.

The reason why we love chocolate is because of the way it makes us feel. It’s not just about the flavor, but how it makes us feel. There are many ways to add more chocolate to your diet. The 12 Ways to Add More Chocolate Into Your Diet are a list of ways to increase your intake of this sweet treat.

  • Drink hot cocoa or hot chocolate: The warmth from the drink will make you feel more relaxed and in turn, you’ll be more likely to eat more chocolate.
  • Try dark chocolate: Dark chocolate has less sugar and is also packed with antioxidants and nutrients that can help reduce stress levels.
  • Eat dark-chocolate-covered strawberries: This type of dessert is a great way to get some antioxidants into your diet without having to eat too many sweets.
  • Enjoy a chocolate bar as a snack.
  • One way is by making your own chocolate desserts with dark chocolate and cocoa powder.
  • Add melted chocolate to your morning oatmeal or smoothie.
  • Get a chocolate facial – it’s said to be good for your skin!
  • Have a chocolate fondue party with your friends – use different kinds of fruit, cake, and cookies as dippers.
  • Make a batch of homemade chocolate brownies or cookies for dessert.
  • Add some cocoa powder to your next baking recipe.
  • Take a break and enjoy a hot cup of rich, dark chocolate cocoa.
  • Indulge in a luxurious chocolate bath – add some aromatherapy oils for an extra-special treat!
Ways to Add More Chocolate Into Your Diet

There are many ways to add more chocolate into your diet in order to improve your health. Some of these methods include adding dark chocolate to your breakfast cereal, having a chocolate smoothie for lunch, and eating a chocolate bar as a snack. You can also include cacao powder in your recipes or enjoy a hot chocolate drink before bed. Additionally, you can buy chocolate-flavored supplements or eat chocolate-covered fruits and nuts.

How does Chocolate milk builds muscles?

When we do hard workouts in the gym we tear down our muscles. Nutrition and protein intake are important to repair the damage. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “chocolate milk is an efficient recovery aid due to its high carbohydrate and protein content.”

The American College of Sports Medicine looked at WBPTO in endurance athletes who drank fat-free chocolate milk. Protein turnover assesses both muscle protein production and degradation. Six male runners in their early twenties were randomized for two weeks.

The men had to run for 45 minutes at a fast pace. Participants received either 16 ounces of chocolate milk or a placebo. On days 7 and 14, each runner’s blood and breath were taken for 3 hours. The researchers were seeking leucine, amino acid, and protein-building ingredient. Those that drank chocolate milk had more leucine oxidation, which promotes muscular building. Less leucine oxidation causes less muscle breakdown.

The research related to chocolate milk and athletic performance continues today. For example, in one study on young men who participated in resistance training (2 sets of 8-12 repetitions at 70% 1 repetition maximum), those who drank a small amount (0.25%) of fat-free chocolate milk experienced significantly greater increases in muscle strength and lean body mass than those who drank plain old boring cow’s milk. The results suggest that consuming a small amount of chocolate milk after exercise may be an effective way to promote muscle growth when compared to drinking plain old boring cow’s milk!

Milk Chocolate is Modest Sugars

Chocolate milk is high in simple carbs. Simple sugars like sucrose, and fructose. These simple carbs give the body energy and insulin. Complex carbohydrates are present in bread, rice, and some cereals. These carbs release at a slower rate, maintaining insulin levels. Simple carbs have a bad image, yet the carbs in chocolate milk are ideal for quick glucose loading for glycogen synthesis.

Timing of Milk Consumption

After a workout is one of the finest times to drink chocolate milk for fitness benefits. Researchers say consuming chocolate milk immediately after exercise and again 2 hours later is ideal for post-workout muscle recovery. Non-fat chocolate milk drinking speeds up muscle repair and growth. As it is one of the sources of casein protein it replenishes the muscles slower but better.  

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Final Verdict

On the whole, Chocolate milk is one of the best sources for post workout recovery and it is worth the money you spend. Furthermore, you can just add more ingredients to it and make the taste better, which is not possible for every drink. 

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