Best Post Workout Supplements for Recovery

6 Best Post Workout Supplements of 2022 (Recommended)

Best post workout supplements: Workout! It can be considered as a name of love. We built habits, we breakdown at the gym and rebuild. But as like vehicles and machines, we lose energy, muscle mass, damage our tissues, and stress our body while doing that. This is why refueling is essential after a workout. It is necessary for muscle recovery and better endurance. We take food and many other things to do that part after a workout. The most effective thing that most athletes nowadays prefer is taking post-workout supplements, making the process easier and healthier.

A useful, operational, and prohibitive food supplement essential for our recovery and regain strength is basically known as a post-workout supplement. Supplement that promotes healing after the workout is basically today’s topic. Though many supplements are used as pre and post-workout support, we will discuss the most effective, efficient, and renowned products. In a sentence, they can also be considered as the best post-workout supplements. So, let us start the real discussion without doing any further delay.

How to take supplements? Tips for taking supplement

According to science, performing at the gym is just half the fight you have done. You also have to know what to eat after a workout. The reason behind all the food and drink you will take as post-workout will make a significant difference when restoring energy, building muscle, burning fat, and more things our body performs. Now there is another thing that makes a huge difference in our body transformation if it can be taken perfectly, post-workout supplements.

When it gets into a hardcore routine and brutal workouts, we need to feed our body more, which has to be effective. On that point, post-workout supplements play a vital role indeed. Sometimes we cannot manage everything that we need to recover and gain from our regular meals. Post-workout supplements fill that need of our body and do it well. 

Well, you may ask what the proper way to take those post-workout supplements is and what the timing is as well. For answering this question, we are here today. Let us discuss the topic, “How do you take a post-workout supplement?”

Protein supplements

There is nothing to describe the need for protein for athletes. Those breakdowns you do at the gym can mostly be recovered with the help of protein supplements. When our cells and tissues get damaged due to intensive workouts, we have to feed them raw protein as a post-workout supplement. We can do that using our regular meals, but doing that can take time, and they are not raw protein. After workouts carbs and other ingredient is less necessary in instant basis, but protein is required. This is why we choose Whey protein powders as our friends. It supports our muscle growth and recovers faster

The best timing to take these whey protein powders is within an hour you finished your workout. Now, what can be the process?. Well, there are two major types of protein supplements, and they are casein and regular whey protein. Regular whey and casein protein are metabolized at different rates. Still, in terms of building and retain muscles, they will both help.

Whey is metabolized quickly, within about 20 minutes, which means it works well as a pre-workout supplement, too. Casein takes a longer time to metabolize. It will take at least about 3 to 4 hours. For that reason, it can be a perfect protein supplement for overnight recovery. So mark both metabolize timing and recovery facts and take them for yourself. It is recommended to take whey proteins after a workout with skim milk, cold water, or just water.

If you want to add some more ingredients, fresh juice, and other fruits can be added with it. However, the best results can be seen using the whey within half an hour after you are done with your workout and by taking the protein only. Adding extras will increase the digest time and lessen the effectiveness. To maximize your post-workout supplementation, consume protein in a shake or as part of your meal within half an hour after your workout.

Creatine supplements:

If you are up to build stronger muscles and strengthen your body, then creatine must be on your post-workout supplements list. Creatine restores the complexes your muscles disburse during resistance training. It helps you to recover quickly by adding minimal aching. 

According to a study of the Journal of International Sports Nutrition, those male athletes who consumed creatine supplements after a bodybuilding workout were able to gain more lean muscle mass. Also, it increased their power to maximize their workout reps more than those who took creatine as part of their pre-workout supplement routine and followed the same workout.

So, prefer creatine as your post-workout supplement, and like other supplements, creatine takes time to engross in your body. Therefore, intake your creatine in measured quantity within an hour after you are done with your workout. It is recommended to take a measured dose because creatine can store more water and damage your kidney’s regular processing system if the dose gets higher. Creatine can be taken with cold water and fresh juice after a workout as it doesn’t have any taste of its own. No extra flavors are added to it to increase the taste.

Glutamine supplements: 

Glutamine supplements are made to improve our metabolic rate for absorbing protein and help minimize muscle breakdown. When you are in the cutting phase, Glutamine supplements will become your new best friend. This is an amino acid, which can help you to refuel your muscles with nitrogen. Besides, glutamine burns up fast when you are doing strength training, and for that, it helps to replenish after workouts.

Taking glutamine as a post-workout supplement will help you hold on to the gained muscles and maintain them. It is also a plus to have these supplements after your workout. According to research, it boosts metabolism and absorbs protein faster, so this process is necessary for quick recovery. It is recommended to take Glutamine supplements within one hour after you are done working out. 


Our body requires proper minerals to recover from the stress we put on while at the gym. You are talking protein, creatine, and other supplements properly but facing soreness, strains, loose skins, hair falls, and many other issues because of proper minerals. At this point, with your post-workout meals, add some multivitamins daily. It will ensure all the needed minerals and vitamins are getting inside your body.

We need vitamin A-Z for different purposes, and other supplements don’t supply all of these. Therefore, adding multivitamins to our regular meals will decrease all the other issues we might face even after taking a regular diet. Multivitamins are recommended post-workout supplements that can be consumed with our post-workout meals.

These post-workout supplements are recommended to be taken by those athletes and bodybuilders who want to gain and restrict their muscle loss. However, post-workout also boosts our muscle recovery. You can also add post-workout supplements to your diet plan according to your need in terms of recovery.

Best Post Workout Supplements for Recovery

You may ask which post-workout supplements I can choose. Your answer is given below. Before we start, I would like to state that all the bellow information is not the best you can get, you might have your own choice, therefore, beg pardon if any mistakes occur.

1. Garden of Life Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder:

Protein is necessary for our muscle recovery & growth. When it comes to post-workout recovery, protein powder supplements do dual purpose duty. Firstly, it saves us from getting dehydrated. Secondly, it gives our muscles the essential amino acids & easy digestion carbs, which are required to recover faster and stronger. According to research, whey proteins are 100% effective and one of the most effective supplements that can enhance our muscle growth, powers up our post-workout recovery, and strengthen our body by providing most of the essential amino acids, including BCAA.

Best Post Workout Supplement

Among many of the brands choosing one is difficult; that is why I am suggesting you go for Garden of Life Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder. It is an organic and high-quality whey protein source containing all essential amino acids. There are some branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which can be considered the building blocks for muscle growth. The Garden of Life whey is sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows and is American Humane Certified.

Each serving of Garden of Life Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder provides – 21 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar, 120 calories, and 4.7 grams of BCAAs. The product also contains 2 billion CFU of probiotics.

2. OWYN 100% Vegan Plant-Based Ready-to-Drink Protein Shake:

As we mentioned earlier, protein plays a vital role in developing muscle mass and recovers our damaged muscles faster. As a result, a good protein source is crucial for post-workout recovery. In this case, a ready-to-drink protein shake will ease your task and gives you the proper nutrition you need next to your workout. OWYN Readymade protein shake can be your solution.

Best Post Workout Supplement

OWYN readymade protein shake chains pea protein, organic pumpkin seed protein, and organic flax oil. Combining the features of OWYN, this shake produces an exclusive protein mixture. OWYN ready-to-drink protein shake is 100 % certified vegan and contains 20 grams of plant-based protein per serving. OWYN is harmless for them if someone has allergy issues because it is gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free, and tree nut-free. Here are some delicious flavors like Smooth Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Cookies N’ Cream, and Cold Brew Coffee of OWYN.

3. Papa Steve’s No Junk Raw Protein Bars:

Most of the time, we know supplements as powders or tablets. Still, protein bars can also be a good protein source after a workout and are considered a protein supplement. Protein bars contain all the necessary nutrients you will need after a workout to recover faster and are very handy to take. So, which one for you? Papa Steve’s No Junk Raw Protein Bars are what you need.

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Papa Steve’s No Junk Raw Protein Bars can be used as a ready-to-go and on-spot meal after your workout. You can say this is a post-workout snack as well.

Conditional on the flavor, most of these protein bars comprise around 12 to 20 grams of protein from raw whey or vegan protein sources, over 50 % of the suggested daily intake for fiber, and less than 10 grams of sugar. The sugar in each bar comes from raw dates and fruit; therefore, the sugar can be deliberated as fructose, not glucose.

Every Papa Steve’s No Junk Raw bar is handmade in Southern California from non-GMO, wheat-free, and soy-free elements are used for them. The longevity:

  • 45 days at room temperature.
  • Two to three months in the refrigerator.
  • Up to six months in the freezer if you want to store them for a while.

4. Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Hydration Powder:

We already know how much fluid loss we do after having a good workout season. We need to refuel ourselves with water or beverage to keep ourselves hydrated. Electrolyte-enhanced beverages or sports drinks can help us to refill water, electrolytes, and lost energy throughout exercise. Maximum electrolyte drinks comprehend potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium, fighting dehydration, muscle cramping, and fatigue. So if you are up for taking electrolyte powder as your post-workout supplement, then Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Hydration Powder can be your best choice for now.

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Ultima’s Replenisher Electrolyte Powder will offer you all six electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride, calcium, and phosphorus) with no use of non-natural elements. These powders made drinks are sugar-free, zero-calorie, and zero-carbohydrate beverages.

Don’t worry; they are sweetened with stevia, so they won’t taste bad. Ultima is prepared with natural fruit flavors and available in many delicious varieties, counting Cherry Pomegranate, Blue Raspberry, Grape, and Orange. Most of these flavors are not excessively sweet and taste energizing. Another exciting and handy thing about Ultima is, powders mix well and early in water. Even they melt entirely to convert into a smooth hydrating drink.

5. Thorne Research Creatine Powder:

If we talk about one of the popular and essential supplements for athletes, then we have to mention creatine. Research suggests that combining creatine supplementation with resistance and weight training increases muscle strength and lean tissue mass. It stores energy, and by retaining water, it converts into power as well. Thorne’s Creatine Powder can be a good option for you to choose. This product will support increase energy, enhance muscle strength, and help muscle building faster.

If we talk about the ingredient, this product is made up of Creapure. It features easily mixed, known as a highly researched custom of creatine. It is a micronized variety of creatine monohydrates, i.e. colorless, odorless, and quickly dissolved. Each scoop provides 5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate. Thorne’s Creatine Powder supplement is also allergy-friendly. It is free from major allergens, excluding gluten, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy, fish, and shellfish.

6. Thorne Research- BCAA Powder for Sports Performance:

After studying a lot about BCAAs, it came up that this ingredient helps build muscle size and support recovery when used with a resistance training program. Using this product after a workout will surely enhance your muscle loos recovery and provide you with sufficient energy to refill. Thorne’s Amino Complex is a top choice for those searching for a high-quality, great-tasting BCAA powder.

Thorne’s Amino Complex BCAA powder is free of gluten, dairy, and soy. This product is NSF Certified for Sport. It means it is tested to be sure it is free of banned substances and compliant with label claims.

In terms of taste, the delightful berry-flavored powder is sugarcoated using stevia. It comes with no artificial flavors for better taste. Every scoop contains eleven amino acids, together with all nine essential amino acids (which include the three BCAAs) and cysteine, and tyrosine. These two amino acids are recognized as tentatively vital amino acids. These are required in higher quantities during times of physical pressure, for instance as workout retrieval.

How to Pick the Right Supplements for You? Buying Guides

What to consider before buying a post-workout supplement? There are several types of post-workout supplements. Most athletes prefer post-workout supplements among these several types based on their needs, body type, and goal. A helpful, operational, and prohibitive food supplement essential for our recovery and regain strength is basically known as a post-workout supplement.

Supplement that promotes healing after a workout is basically today’s topic. Though many supplements are used as pre and post-workout support, we will discuss what things to be considered to pick one for us today. If you don’t choose the right one for yourself, it may only cost you’re the money and bring damage to your health.

You may know which post-workout supplements you need to choose regarding our previous articles or elsewhere. But what to consider before buying a post-workout supplement can be your next query. Your answer is given below. Before we start, I would like to state that all the bellow information is not the best you can get, you might have your own choice, therefore, beg pardon if any mistakes occur.

Know about your need and goal:

First thing first to do any is, we have to know about our goal and our need. Most of us who are trying to build muscles and do intense workouts need post-workout supplements. Suppose you are doing exercise regularly to keep yourself healthy and fit. In that case, taking the post, or pre-workout supplements is not necessary for you. On the other hand, if you are determined to build heavy muscles, recover them faster for your next day’s training and have a target to reach before the time, then post-workout supplements are necessary. So, based on your target, now you have to choose.

If you are up for gaining more muscle mass and boost your body weight, you will need mass gainers and creatine as your post-workout friend. These two will boost your energy, recover your muscle mass and improve as you need to reach your goal. Meanwhile, protein powders are essential for all athletes as protein is a raw food for muscles. Furthermore, BCAA and other amino acids like Lucien, multivitamins, etc., will also help recover your muscles from hardcore workouts and damage.

Know the type of supplements and ingredients used for it, then choose:

Well, there are different sorts of protein powders, creatines, and other supplements. Before choosing one, you have to know which one is perfect for you based on your health issues and internal conditions. Some sort of proteins and creatine will not suit you on the first go, and you will have digestive issues, headaches, and many more side effects. Therefore, it is better to learn about the supplement types first.

For instance, protein is an essential post-workout supplement, right? Then let us take this as a premium example. You will find Casein protein, whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey hydrolysate. So which one is better for you? To find the answer, you have to know about your body type and which one suits you. Know about the ingredients and how they work, then choose wisely. The same thing goes for other post-workout supplements as well.

Meanwhile, you have to learn about the used ingredient for your supplements. Before buying the, it is for your own betterment. You might find some ingredients that can contradict your health issues if you are under any other medication and health problems like allergy or asthmatic problems.

Choose the brand wisely:

Several brands provide all the supplements. If you choose a post-workout supplement, you are trying to reach an ultimate goal, and you have to choose wisely for that. Renowned brands which are preferred by world-class athletes will not compromise with their quality for sure. Because all these supplements are processed inside a jar or in the form of capsules. They need proper making to mark them safe and healthier for use.

So, choose those existing brands in the market for many days and known for their quality. Taking a risk on this site will not be a good idea at all. Some brands are available, like ON, Muscletech, Nitrotech, GAT, Muscle Pharma, ISO, and other American brands. All of them provide quality supplements for use. Before choosing one for yourself, talk to experts, mark their ratings on popular shops, and be based on users.

Mark the expiry and use as per the servings:

While choosing any kind of supplement, it is necessary to mark the expiry date. As I mentioned earlier, these supplements are processed, and they have an expiry date like medicines. The best use of these supplements is before the date. When you open up the supplements, it is better to use them as the servings continue. Don’t try to reserve them even the expiry date is not nearby. For instance, if you choose a BCAA supplement of 120 servings, it is better to use it before 120 days, don’t think that the expiry will last for one year. Because the temperament of these processed supplements starts to drain after your unsealed the container.

Costing can be a fact:

When it comes to buying on a budget, you need to think of the gains compared to the supplement’s cost. For example, isolate whey protein is more expensive because you will get more protein per gram of powder. So, if you don’t have any protein-type issues, then buying a normal protein will save some money for you. While the bulk protein needed is less than carbs, so you can choose a cheaper one.

Some supplement products have additional ingredients such as vitamins and other muscle-building ingredients that you might not need. So, if you’re on a low budget, avoid these additions. You can god for your basic requirements and choose a cheap one from a good brand.

These five points given below can help you pick your post-workout supplements wisely and save some money. On the other hand, you might prefer the right one for yourself. For your pre-workout, choose it will also help you because the basic rules are the same for both types of supplements. However, researching on the internet more or consulting with professionals will develop your idea more about this matter.

Final Words

All these mentioned products and brands are renowned around the world and mostly preferred by athletes of America. Without these, several brands like ON, Muscletech, ISO, even famous bodybuilders have good supplement supplies. The reason behind mentioning these products, most of them are from natural ingredients, and they are useable for any type of athlete, even those who have some medical issues like allergies.

However, you can choose your own brand and products on your own to stay fit. Many of us have a wrong assumption about supplements; these are fake, create health issues, and injure health. But, these words are so not true. You have to find the authentic and suitable one for yourself, and the rest will be seen in your results.

Stay fit, stay well; thanks for reading.

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