causes of poor muscle recovery

10 Basic Causes of Poor Muscle Recovery

Hello guys, so here we are to discuss another helpful topic for athletes and bodybuilders: Causes of poor muscle recovery i.e. causes of slow post-workout recovery?. We already know that when we perform a physical exercise like gym training, outdoor activities, or playing any kind of games our muscle gets stressed and stretched. Our muscle tissues and cells got damaged and hurt because of the tension we put into it. It happens daily for bodybuilders or professional athletes because they hit all the muscle groups at the gym.

After a workout, it is essential to take proper rest and let the targeted muscle group become stress-free and recover. You may ask again why they need to recover. In short, to grow bigger, to become stronger, and to be effective. We already published an article about how long we should let the muscle group rest because it is vital to allow the muscles to rest after every hit. It takes at least 24-72 hours to recover.

All these are old discussion, the topic I bring for your today is because you must know which things cause poor muscle recovery.

Causes of poor muscle recovery: 10 primary reasons

Why does my body take so long to recover after a workout? The reason behind you what to eat, how to train, and how to recover, but which things can embrace your muscle recovery can also be crucial for you to learn. So, today we will be going to discuss this matter and know the basic reasons behind poor muscle recovery and difficulty recovering after exercise.

1. Less rest or poor sleep:


Many people ask that; Is 6 hours of sleep enough to build muscle? After a workout taking proper rest and sleeping well is a must. Suppose someone is overlooking these two matters in regular. In that case, they will face poor muscle recovery, at least 6-8 hours of sleep. After workout resting that muscle group for 24-72 hours (Depending on the muscle group) is necessary. Unless you follow this routine, you will have fewer strong muscles, poor strength, and more fatigue. Also, you can take sleep muscle recovery supplements.

2. Poor nutrition:

Post workout recovery foods

Proper nutrition is essential for muscle recovery. 70 percent of our body is not built at the gym; it builds when we take food. So our food habit has a significant impression over good muscle recovery. Talking only about protein will not do the task. To recover faster and adequately, you need to have all the minerals and food nutrients required for your muscle growth. Unless you do, you will have poor muscle recovery, and desired results will come out after ages. However, you should have the idea of post-workout meals.

3. Less protein intake:

Post workout recovery supplement

Raw protein intake as a post-workout food is necessary for muscle recovery. It can be protein supplements or natural protein. Still, you have to take it as early as possible after a workout. Besides, protein intake concerning your body weight ratio is essential for fast muscle recovery and growth.

4. Being stressed all the time:

Workout rest

You are talking healthy food, having a good sleep, and training hard, but your brain is not getting proper rest and stressed-out always, muscles will not recover as you need. When we relax and our brain is stress-free, different types of hormonal activities occur, which grow our muscles and the human body accurately. Unless we are stress-free, this process will be resumed.

5. You cannot challenge your genetics:

If someone is genetically challenged, then nothing we can do. It is an excellent gifted matter. Our body type will do its own job whatever we try. Knowing your body type and learning how it processes everything. Your muscle recovery will not be the same as others you desire to be. For your better concern, we have three different types of the human body, Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph.  

6. Age is a significant factor:


Our age number sometimes has a significant impact on our muscle recovery. With the increase of our age, our muscle adoption and hormonal activities change. So, if you are at the age of 60 and want to recover your muscles faster as a youngster, it will not be a good idea indeed.

7. Injuries while training:

Muscle pulls or Muscle strain 1

If you injured your muscles while training and pushing them hard again, that muscle would not recover properly. Consequently, muscle loss, weak muscles, and poor development will be seen. So, never ever do training with injuries. If you are hurt, give rest to that specific muscle and if the injury seems severe, then take rest entirely.

8. Sickness:

If you are affected with heart diesis, if you are a diabetic patient or any physical disorder is your friend. Your muscle recovery time will be longer. There is nothing we can do. Even training with regular sicknesses like fever, cough, or any soreness, muscle recovery will be lessened a bit. So, be careful about these terms for achieving your targeted muscles.

9. Hormonal misbalance:

Our hormone release process is essential for our muscle recovery. I already mentioned it mostly happens when we take proper rest and seep. But there are a few unlucky people who genetically face hormonal misbalance due to appropriate nutrition issues or some other inborn problems. In this case, try to have proper medication. After trying all the essential methods, if you are still not getting the best results, consult with a physician.

10. Overtraining:

Last but not least, if you have all the things right on track, but for being high inspired, or due to emotional reasons doing overtraining your muscle group regularly, your muscle recovery will get down into minus percentage. Therefore, set your training routine wisely and have all the other mentioned things right. Hopefully, you will have the desired results.

Here we are, at the end of today’s discussion. Without all these mentioned points, some other issues lessen your muscle recovery. Still, these primary reasons are mainly behind your poor muscle recovery, so try to maintain and overcome these problems and get the best results you work for. You will find some more issues regarding “Causes of poor muscle recovery,” try to follow them with these mentioned points.

Thanks for your time.

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