5 most common exercise injuries & healing

Common exercise injuries: Injuries are common factors in our lives. When it comes to athletes’ lives, they all faced injuries. It can be considered as part and parcel of their lives. We often see athletes sitting back at the dugout or taking rest back home due to severe injuries. Sometimes injuries can create life taking situations as well. Whatever, we cannot go beyond injuries if it is yet to take place, but we can be prepared for them, and try to be careful to prevent those as much as we can. “In common, some harms possibly will require a period of time to heal. Full rest and avoidance of the provoking activity that paces up injuries can actively recover the damage.

Common exercise injuries & healing

Okay, enough of talking. The main topic we are here to talk about today is “common exercise injuries.” There are a few injuries, which took place in common and they can be breathe talking if they are not appropriately managed. This article will discuss 5 common exercise injuries and their probable avoidance or healing to embrace the injury. Are you guys ready? Then let’s get into it. 

1. Knee Injuries:

Knee Injuries
Knee Injuries

For sprinters or runners, this injury can be seen primarily. Irascibility of the tendon under the kneecap grounds the maximum percentage of running injuries. Knee injuries take place when the kneecap is out of the alliance. When the tendon under the kneecap becomes displaced, knee injuries take place and cause pain while climbing up or down, squatting, or sitting with the knees bent for a long time. This pain starts to rise with time and can damage if that is not being taken care of. While running regularly over the treadmill, cross trainers, heavy-duty cycling, or pushing your legs hard on the gym, these types of injuries can happen. 

Possible ways to heal: If you feel this pain suddenly, the first thing is to put an ice pack for 20-30 minutes in 3-4 hours intervals for few days. When it happens, stop taking weight into your legs and try to avoid squats for a while. Based on the injury intensity, you can try stretching and strengthening exercises for the hips, glutes, and quad muscles to help your knee to regain power. Severe cases may need surgery to correct the kneecap’s position. It will distribute the stress lightly.

2. Lower back pain: 

Lower back pain
Lower back pain

More muscular exercises like deadlifts, heavyweight squats, bend over, and many other practices become necessary if you want to become a heavy lifter or grow your legs, back, and glutes. Performing these exercises sometimes hurts our lower back. This might become the end of our sports life. Low back pain can result from spinal issues, slip disc, and many other severe injuries. This thing basically happens because of heavyweight training without proper precautions and uneven postures while performing. Sometimes bike riders and bicyclist also hurt their lower back because of their riding postures. 

Possible ways to heal: After injuring your lower back, you are recommended to take proper rest for at least 7-10 days: no workout and complete rest. For the riders, appropriate bike set-up is the most crucial aspect of avoiding lower back pain after recovering from injuries. Learn the posture for weight lifting, and don’t lift heavy weight after recovery for a few days. Try to bend correctly and straighten from the knees. A good core-strengthening exercise should be part of your daily routine to develop your lost power and strength of the back muscle and spine. 

3. Shoulder injuries:

Shoulder injuries
Shoulder injuries

Our shoulders are one of the crucial parts of our human body. These can lift and push heavyweight eventually, but they can be in strain within a blink. Without warming up workouts, not knowing our own shoulder strength, and going heavy, putting back-to-back stress on the shoulder might injure our shoulder hard. Even they can be dislocated easily. Some lifters might be seen lifting heavyweight, but they didn’t gain that strength in one day. 

Possible ways to heal: If you injured your shoulder 

  • Try to maintain lower weights to train them with exact postures to repair them, but after proper rest and when the pain is gone. 
  • If shoulder bones get injured, take an X-ray and be under appropriate medication. 
  • After you overcome the injury, try to avoid exercises that have pressing motions. Side lateral, upright rows can do the task of repairing phase. 

4. Muscle pulls or Muscle strain: 

Muscle strain
Muscle strain

For any type of athlete, this situation might arise. The reason behind, dehydrate the body, exercise without stretching correctly, taking a long rest and getting back to heavy-duty workouts, and many more things. Most of the time, we make these common mistakes, and our muscle injuries take place.

Possible ways to heal: To avoid muscle injuries or muscle pull, we must keep ourselves hydrated during workouts and after a workout. We lost fluids while exercises, and taking enough water is essential for restricting muscle pulls. However, if that happens even after taking enough water or liquids, try to stretch before and after your workout lightly. It will relax your muscle and take off muscle stress. Massage is one of the best ways to endure your muscle strains. Take proper food for relaxing tissues. Make sure you’ve taken the necessary steps of muscle recovery after a workout.

5. Wrist and ankle injuries: 

Wrist and ankle injuries
Wrist and ankle injuries

Our wrist and ankle are one of the most minor joints of our human body, but they are essential and vital. Both these joints take the overall workload we do at the gym, even in our daily lives. Twisting these two is very easy during workouts. Taking overload, not giving enough focus while exercise, without stretching activities, causes these two to be injured. 

Possible ways to heal:

  1. Before you twist your ankle, or wrist, try to avoid unfocused workouts and running.
  2. Try to maintain wrist grips and good sneakers if you have any issues before with these two.
  3. Never take an extra bit of weight and never lose concentration while pressing something with your legs and hands. 

Apart from these, many small and big injuries occur when we exercise, but these are the most in common. I mentioned here for healing or avoiding the injuries that might help you. Still, if your injury is severe, proper medication and consultancy with a physician are a must. 

Thanks for reading.

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